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This KB article explains how to subscribe to monthly CloudCare plans to get support, upgrades and hardware replacements for CTERA Gateway Appliances (C200, C400, C800, C800P) that are connected to


Go to and login using your virtual portal name (no on the name). If you don’t know your password, click on the Forgot Password link and your password will be emailed to the email address we have on record for your account.


Once you are logged into the new CTERA Customer Billing Portal,  select “Add New Rate” under the Rate menu on the left column of the screen.


In the image below, “Cloud Care Rates” are shown in the red box. By selecting “More Info”, you will see the pricing details for each of these plans from the “Available Rate Group” screen. For example, “CTERA-EC200-MCC-1M” stands for the CTERA MSP CloudCare for a C200 for 1 month.  Selecting “More Info” shows the price of $7.50/month for support, firmware upgrades, and hardware replacement for defective devices.


Select the radio button for the CloudCare rate you wish to add and click the Add button below.

Note: Hardware replacement is for devices 5 years old or less. However, you can still purchase support and firmware upgrades for devices older than 5 years


After adding the rate to your account, go to the Services menu and click on CTERA Portal Addon.



Then edit the CloudCare service associated with the new CloudCare plan and enter the Serial # of the appliance being covered in the Addon Comments Field:


Click the Update Service Button to save the Serial # of the CTERA Gateway Appliance that you are covering with this CloudCare Plan.


If you are interested in prepaying CloudCare for multiple years on certain appliances, the rates are even more favorable…please contact Louis Zamora to discuss the available options.


Please note the following:


·         The newly discounted monthly MSP Cloud Care is only available to CTERA Partners and MSPs that are providing the first line of support to your respective customers and are hosting those devices and customers on

·         CTERA reserves the right to refuse support or RMA for events that occurred before the CloudCare subscription was activated.

·         Monthly CloudCare Plans may only be subscribed once per device/Serial # in a 12 month period.


This model allows us to provide you and your customers with optimal prices.

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