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Deleting Data from a CTERA Appliance does not free Storage Resources


Deleting data does not free storage resources.


When data is deleted, there is no visible change to the available storage left.


The deleted data is saved in snapshots previous to the current one.


In order for a file or folder to be deleted, it must be deleted from all snapshots in which it was captured. Deleting the file from the current snapshot (the current state of files) does not result in decreased available storage space if previous snapshots still have references to it,.

To view files from previous snapshots:

  1. In the Appliance web page, select the Files tab. The File Manager appears.
  2. In the upper bar, immediately above the tree pane view, make sure that Show Shares is selected in the dropdown box.
  3. In the upper bar, click .
    The Please select snapshot window opens.
  4. Click on the snapshot containing the file/folder versions you want to view.
    The snapshot contents appear.

Files from previous snapshots can also be found in CIFS under the "Previous Snapshots"  folder. The snapshots are read only and therefore the files will be deleted automatically according to the retention policy.

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