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Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) is a service that creates and maintains snapshots (“shadow copies”) of disk volumes in Windows. CTERA uses VSS when taking a snapshot. You can change the VSS location to be under the C: drive.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Right click the C: drive and select Configure Shadow Copies…:

    The Shadow Copies window is displayed.
  2. Select the EFI partition, which is often displayed as \\?\Vol... and click Settings...:

    The Settings window is displayed.
  3. In the Storage area section, select C:\ in the Located on this volume drop-down as the destination for the shadow copies location for the EFI partition and No Limit for the Maximum size option:
  4. Click OK in the Settings window and in the  Shadow Copies window.

The EFI location is defined in the C: drive.