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Step-by-step guide

  1. List the snapshots for a folder using the following command: snapshots list /portals/virtualPortalName/backups/folderName

    virtualPortalName is the name of the virtual portal on which the desired backup folder is located.
    folderName is the name of the backup folder for which you want to view a list of snapshots.

    A list of folder snapshots is displayed, for example:
    1351722386000 - 01.11.2018 12-26-26 AM
    1351724574000 - 01.11.2018 1-02-54 AM
    1351796267000 - 01.11.2018 8-57-47 PM
    1351864966000 - 02.11.2018 4-02-46 PM

  2. Delete the oldest snapshot (1351722386000) in the folder using the following command:  snapshots delete/portals/virtualPortalName/backups/folderName