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Using third-party software, you can forcibly close files that are open on a gateway. Before starting the procedure, download to a local Windows computer PsTools from microsoft:

Unzip the downloaded zip file and use either the Psfile or Psfile64 executable.

The default behavior of PsFile is to list the files on the local system that are open by remote systems. describes how to use the Psfiles and Psfiles64 programs.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log on to the gateway that you want to check for open files.
  2. In the CONFIGURATION tab, select Main > Activity in the navigation pane.
    The Activity Monitor page is displayed.

  3. Run the Psfile or Psfile program using the Source IP value from the Activity Sessions section of the Activity Monitor page. 
    For example, psfiles64 \\ -u admin -p password 
    where password is the gateway admin user password.
    The program returns the open files on the remote gateway both with an ID for each open file and the path for the file.

  4. Rerun the Psfiles program using the -c flag with the ID or path of the files to forcibly close.