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In CTERA Portal you can organize cloud folders in folder groups. After defining a folder group, you cannot change its configuarion.

If you want to change a folder group configuration, you have to create a new group with the required configuration and then move the files from the old group to the new group.

For example, if the old folder group was defined without encryption and you now want encryption, or you want to change the block size, you have to perform the following procedure. 

Step-by-step guide

To reconfigure a folder group:

  1. Log on to the virtual portal as an administrator and in the administration user interface for the virtual portal create a new folder group with the new settings that you want but use the same owner for the new group as you had for the old group.
  2. Under either Backup Folders or Cloud Drive Folders (whichever is relevant) create a new folder under the new folder group with the folder owner as the same owner of the folder group.
  3. In the end user interface move the files from the old folder to the new folder.
  4. In the administration user interface, delete the old folder and folder group.
  5. Rename the new folder to the original folder name and the new folder group to the original folder group name.