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If the CTERA Agent does not work properly, a "clean reinstall" of the agent may be necessary to resolve the issue or troubleshoot further.

Note: A clean uninstall deletes the CTERA Agent configuration  settings and locally synced Cloud Drive data if syncing to the default location.
This includes file and disk level backup settings. Before uninstalling, make a copy of these settings.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Run the CTERA Agent uninstaller.
  2. Manually delete the CTERA Agent directories.
    1. For Windows:
      Application directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\CTERA\CTERA Agent
      Configuration, Cloud Drive, and cache files: C:\ProgramData\CTERA\CTERA Agent
    2. For Mac:
      Application directory:  \usr\local\ctera-agent\
      Configuration and Cloud Drive: \Home\<User>\
    3. For Linux:
      Application directory:  \usr\local\ctera-agent\
      Configuration and Cloud Drive:  \etc\ctera\
  3. Run the CTERA Agent installer and reconfigure the agent settings.


Alternatively, for a Windows CTERA Agent, you can run the following command from an administrative cmd prompt:

msiexec /uninstall .msi CLEANME=1