Adding or Editing Backup Folders
  • 22 Aug 2023
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Adding or Editing Backup Folders

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Article Summary

You can create a backup folder for a user, or edit an existing folder.

To add or edit a backup folder:

  1. Select Folders > Backup Folders in the navigation pane.
    The BACKUP FOLDERS page opens, displaying all backup folders.

  2. Either,

    • Add a new folder, click New Folder.
      The New Backup Folder window is displayed.


    • Edit an existing folder, click the folder's name.
      The folder window is displayed with the folder name as the window title.
  3. Complete the fields:
    Folder Name – A name for the folder.
    Owner – The user to own the folder. The owner controls access to the folder.
    Folder Group (when adding a backup folder) – A folder group for the folder. The drop-down list only displays the folders for the selected owner.
    Device (when editing a backup folder) – The devive that writes to this backup group.
    Backup Extended Attributes – Back up special file permissions and metadata.

  4. Click SAVE.


If the folder group specified for the folder is passphrase protected, the folder is also passphrase protected and access to the folder content, for example, by clicking image.png, requires authentification.


Do not change a passphrase on a folder that is passphrase protected. If you want to change the passphrase, change it for the folder group, as described in Changing a Folder Group Passphrase.

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