Alert Messages
  • 12 May 2022
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Alert Messages

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Class Message Additional Attributes
AntivirusInoperable Antivirus inoperable details (String)
ArrayDegraded RAID array is running in degraded mode name (String)
Optional: failedDisks (String)
CIFSLimitAlmostReached CIFS connections has almost reached the limit usage (String)
limit (String)
ClocksOutOfSync Device clock and Portal clock are out of sync. Cloud Drive synchronization disabled localClock (dateTime)
portalClock (dateTime)
CloudBackupFailed Cloud backup did not succeed for a long time LastSuccess (dateTime)
lastBackupError (String)
CloudConnectFailed Connection to cloud services did not succeed for a long time serverName (String)
downSince (dateTime)
CloudSyncFailed Cloud sync did not succeed for a long time
FailedToStoreLog Unable to store logs to log volume
SyncFailed Replication task did not succeed for a long time name (String)
days (Integer)
SyncLinuxAddWatchFailed Cloud Sync: Add directory watch failed details (String)
SyncLinuxMaxUserWatchesExceeded Exceeding the maximum amount of synchronized directories. Some local changes may not be synchronized details (String)
ThrottlingWritesAlert Throttling writes due to low space in cache volume. details (String)
TooMuchDataAsAvaliableOffline Too much data was marked as available offline. Either increase the cache size or remove some folders from being available offline details (String)
TooMuchDataInNonEvictableFolders Caching Gateway is in critical condition: Too much data in non-evictable folders. Please increase cache size or reduce size of pinned folders. details (String)
UPSDeviceLowBattery UPS device reported low battery model (String)
UPSDeviceShutDown UPS device reported low battery; Safely shutting down model (String)
UserQuotaNearFull User is near quota on volume user (String)
volume (String)
usage (String)
UserQuotaOver User is over quota on volume user (String)
volume (String)
usage (String)
VolumeContainErrors Consistency errors were detected in volume. Please run the Volume Repair Wizard volume (String)
VolumeFull A storage volume is full volume (String)
usage (String)
freeSpace (String)

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