Applying a Snapshot Retention Policy
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Applying a Snapshot Retention Policy

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Snapshot retention policies can be applied as part of the subscription plan at the following levels:
At the portal level – The snapshot retention policy defined in the subscription plan applies to all users in the portal, as described in Provisioning.
At the user level – A subscription plan including the snapshot retention policy can be applied to individual users in the portal. See Provisioning User Accounts for details about assigning a subscription plan to an individual user account.

Applying a Snapshot Retention Policy at Both the Team Portal and User Levels

When a snapshot retention policy is assigned to a portal, the policy is globally enforced as a set of maximum values for all users in the portal. Individual users in that portal can be assigned user-level snapshot retention policies, so long as the values in the user-level policy do not exceed those of the portal-level policy.

For example, a portal called example is assigned a subscription plan, example-plan, which includes the following snapshot retention policy.

  • Retain 7 daily snapshots
  • Retain 4 weekly snapshots
  • Retain 12 monthly snapshots

Users in the example portal cannot be assigned a snapshot retention policy that exceeds the values specified in example-plan. Therefore, users in this portal cannot be assigned the following snapshot retention policy:

  • Retain 10 daily snapshots
  • Retain 15 weekly snapshots
  • Retain 17 monthly snapshots

However, they can be assigned the following snapshot retention policy:

  • Retain 6 daily snapshots
  • Retain 2 weekly snapshots
  • Retain 9 monthly snapshots

Applying a Snapshot Retention Policy For a Shared Folder

When two users with different snapshot retention policies collaborate on the same file, snapshots are retained according to the project owner's retention policy.

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