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Installing the CTERA Edge Filer in an AWS Environment

Installing the CTERA Edge Filer involves creating and configuring a virtual machine and then performing an initial configuration, described in First Time Setup.

The CTERA Edge Filer can be installed in an Amazon Web Services EC2 environment.

Example AWS EC2 instance types that match the license memory and network limitations:

LicenseBursty and Continuous Heavy DutyMemory Optimized

Amazon often add instance types that are more powerful for the same or even less money. Also, the instance type selected is dependent on the edge filer usage: memory intensive, network intensive, or CPU intensive. The above examples are for memory and network intensive workloads and not CPU intensive workloads. CTERA recommends checking with CTERA Support for the latest recommendations.

To set up the Amazon EC2 instance, go through the following sections in order. If you are using Amazon EC2 for the first time, sign up for an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. Optionally, you can also sign up for an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user account. Amazon recommends using IAM to control access to your EC2 instances, as well as other AWS resources.

Contact CTERA Networks, and request the latest Amazon Machine Image (AMI).

  • Provide CTERA Networks with your Amazon account number.
  • Provide CTERA with the AWS region where you are planning to install the CTERA Edge Filer instance.
    CTERA Networks will then share their latest AMI with your account.

The CTERA Edge Filer installation must be done using the AMI and not by cloning an existing CTERA Edge Filer.

To install the CTERA Edge Filer in an AWS EC2 environment:

  1. From your Amazon Web Services account, sign in to the AWS Management Console.
  2. In the AWS Management Console select Services.
  3. Under Compute, select EC2.
    The EC2 Dashboard is displayed.
  4. In the navigation pane, click IMAGES > AMIs.
    The IMAGES > AMIs screen is displayed.
  5. Select the CTERA Edge Filer image that CTERA shared with you and click Launch.
    The Instances Wizard opens, displaying the Step 2: Choose an Instance Type screen.
  6. Select the instance type.
  7. Click Next: Configure Instance Details.
    The Step 3: Configure Instance Details screen is displayed.
  8. Configure the Network and Subnet settings.
  9. Select the Protect against accidental termination check box.
  10. Click Next: Add Storage.
    The Step 4: Add Storage screen is displayed.
  11. Allocate an additional EBS volume.
    1. Click Add New Volume.
      Another row is displayed in the table.
    2. In the Volume Type field, select EBS.
    3. In the Size field, type the size of the EBS volume. The minimum disk size is 1TB. When configured as a Caching Gateway, CTERA recommends storage at least 20% of the CTERA Portal Global Name Space. The maximum storage is dependent on the license.
      • For an EV16 license the maximum is 16TB.
      • For an EV32 license the maximum is 32TB.
      • For an EV64 license the maximum is 64TB
      • For an EV128 license the maximum is 128TB
      • For an EV256 license the maximum is 256TB
    4. In the Volume Type field, select General Purpose SSD (gp3).
    5. Check Delete on Termination if you want the volume deleted when the instance is deleted.
    6. Check Encrypted if you want the volume encrypted.
  12. Click Next: Tag Instance.
    The Step 5: Tag Instance screen is displayed.
  13. Optionally, in the Key field type Name and in the Value field, type a name for the CTERA Edge Filer instance.
  14. Click Next: Configure Security Group.
    The Step 6: Configure Security Group screen is displayed.
  15. Enable the following TCP ports: 873 and 995.
  16. Click Review and Launch.
    The Step 7: Review Instance Launch screen is displayed.
  17. Review the configuration and click Launch.
    The Select an existing key pair or create a new key pair window is displayed.
  18. Do one of the following.
    • If you created a key pair, and have the private key file that corresponds to the pair in a safe and accessible place, in the upper drop-down list, select Choose an existing key pair; then select the name of the key pair that you created.
    • If you want to create a new key pair, do the following:
      1. In the upper drop-down list, select Create a new key pair.
      2. In the Key pair name field, enter a name for the key pair.
      3. Click Download Key Pair.
        A private key in *.pem format is downloaded.
        Be sure to save the private key file in a safe place. You will need to provide the name of your key pair when you launch the instance and the corresponding private key each time you connect to the instance.

      Do not select Proceed without a key pair. If you launch your instance without a key pair, you will not be able to connect to it.

  19. Check the acknowledgment and click Launch Instances.
    The Launch Status screen is displayed.
  20. Click View Instances.
    The Instances screen is displayed, showing the status of the instances.
  21. Wait until the status checks for your instance have finished and then select the instance you created.
    Information about the instance is displayed in the screen, including the IP address to access the CTERA Edge Filer require to access the edge filer.

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