Caringo (S3)
  • 23 Aug 2023
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Caringo (S3)

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New Caringo (S3) storage nodes must not be defined. The storage node is available for backwards compatibility only.

Bucket Name – A unique name for the Caringo bucket that you want to add as a storage node.
Access Key ID – The Caringo access key ID.
Secret Access Key – The Caringo secret access key.
Endpoint – The endpoint name of the Caringo service. The port for the endpoint can be customized by adding the port after the URL, using a colon (:) separator. The default port is 80.
Use HTTPS – Use HTTPS to connect with the storage node.

  • Trust all certificates – Do not validate the certificate of the object storage. Normally this is unchecked.

Direct Mode – Data is uploaded and downloaded directly to and from the storage node and not via the portal. If direct mode is defined for the storage node, CTERA recommends setting the deduplication method to fixed blocks and keeping the default 4MB fixed block size. For details, see Default Settings for New Folder Groups.


Once Direct Mode is set, the Use HTTPS option is also checked and cannot be unchecked.

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