Changing Your Personal Details
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Changing Your Personal Details

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You can configure the following personal details:

  • Add or change the avatar used to identify you. If an avatar is not used, your initials are used.
  • Your email address.
  • Your first and last name. If you do not have an avatar, the initials of the first and last name are used.
  • Your company.
  • Your language for the user interface, described in Changing the User Interface Language.
  • Your password, described in Changing Your Password.

To configure your user profile:

  1. Click your avatar or initials in the upper-right corner and in the menu, click MY PROFILE.
    The My Profile details are displayed.

    If Single Sign-on (SSO) is enabled, the Change Password option is not available.

  2. You can upload an avatar by clicking image.png and selecting your picture. The picture must be a JPEG or PNG file.
    The avatar is displayed instead of your initials.
  3. To change information, click image.png by the item to change, enter the change and click image.png to confirm the change.

    To change your email address you have to enter the and user password to the CTERA Portal and then confirm the email change after receiving a verification email to the new email address.

To exit your profile, click on one of the options in the navigation bar.

Changing the User Interface Language

You can change the user interface language from the My Profile page.


You can also change the language in the sign in page.

To change the user interface language:

  1. Click your avatar or initials in the upper-right corner and then in the menu click MY PROFILE.
  2. Select the desired language in the Language drop-down list.
    After a few seconds, the interface is refreshed with the chosen language.

Changing Your Password


A user accessing the CTERA Portal using Active Directory or Single Sign-on (SSO), cannot change the password from this page, but must contact the system administrator.

If access to the CTERA Portal is by a local user, You can change your password from the **My Profile **page.

To change the password used to access the CTERA Portal:

  1. Click the avatar in the upper-right corner, and then in the menu click MY PROFILE.
  2. Click the Change Password link.
    The Change Password window is displayed.
  3. Complete the fields, then click Change Password.

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