Configuring EBS Snapshots for Amazon S3
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Configuring EBS Snapshots for Amazon S3

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The CTERA Portal includes a scheduled job that runs by default once every three hours. The job takes a snapshot of the CTERA EBS volume and sends it to Amazon S3. If desired, you can restore the CTERA database's EBS volume from a snapshot.

Restoring a CTERA Server EBS Volume from a Snapshot


This procedure requires downtime.

To restore a CTERA server EBS volume from a snapshot:

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console and in the EC2 service, click Instances > Instances in the navigation pane.
  2. Select the CTERA Portal instance and click Connect.
  3. Select the Session Manager tab and click Connect.
  4. Change to the root user by running the following command: sudo -i
  5. Run the following command to stop the portal services: stop
  6. Restore the CTERA database EBS volume from a snapshot, by doing the following:
    1. Run the following command to list the available restore points (EBS snapshots): display_snapshots
    2. To roll back to a snapshot, run the following command: rollback_snapshot snapshot-id
      Where snapshot-id is the ID of the snapshot you want to roll back.
      EBS snapshot rollback begins.
  7. For each CTERA Portal instance, starting from the CTERA Portal database servers (that is, start from the main database and then proceed to the application servers), start the CTERA Portal services, by running the following command: start

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