CTERA Insight Proxy Server Requirements
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CTERA Insight Proxy Server Requirements

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You can only install the proxy server if you are running the following versions of CTERA products:

  • CTERA Portal version or higher
  • CTERA Edge Filer version 7.0.1282.20 or higher

The proxy server requires a virtual machine with the following:

  • 16GB RAM
  • 4 vCPUs
  • 256GB SSD data disk
  • An external IP

To allow access to and from the Internet on the firewall, ensure the following network ports are open:

22TCPInsight ProxyCTERA PortalBi-DirectionalSSH access to portal server during deployment
443TCPInsight ProxyCTERA PortalOutbound443 for Application Servers. and Keys
5045TCPEdge FilersInsight ProxyOutboundFilebeat data
9094TCPCTERA PortalInsight ProxyOutboundData collection
9200, 9243TCPInsight ProxyCTERA Insight SaaSOutboundSend data to CTERA Insight SaaS

Additional Requirements

  • Root access to all the portal servers.
  • A read-only administrator for the CTERA Portal.
  • Web browser: The latest two releases of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • SSH client, for example, the freeware PuTTY and an SCP client for file transfers.
  • The CTERA Insight dockers use, by default, the following network interfaces.
    If these network interfaces are in use, contact CTERA support for instructions about how to change the required network interfaces.

Prepare the DNS name or IP for the CTERA Portal servers.

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