CTERA Mobile App Settings
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CTERA Mobile App Settings

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CTERA Mobile App Settings

You can see details about the CTERA Mobile app and sign out using the Settings option in the CTERA Mobile app menu.

To configure CTERA Mobile app settings:

  1. For iOS: Tap image.png in the top right of the app Home screen.
    For Android:

    1. Tap image.png in the top left corner.
      The CTERA Mobile app menu is displayed.

    Administrators also have the Users option displayed.

    1. Tap Settings.

    The Settings screen is displayed.


The Settings screen includes the following:
Name – The name of the user signed in to the CTERA Portal.
Email – The email address of the user signed in to the CTERA Portal.
Sign Out – Sign out of the CTERA Mobile app, as described in [Signing out].

Portal – The name of the CTERA Portal signed in to.
Storage Usage – The current storage used for the user.

Passcode – A 4-digit PIN passcode is either required (On) or not required (Off) to access the mobile App.
See Adding Additional Security to the CTERA Mobile App.


  • iOS only:
    View – Manage how you want to view and order the folders and files.
    Tap View and the View screen is displayed.
    The screen displays how the folders and files are displayed.
    ITEMS VIEW – Choose to view the folders and files as a list or as a grid.

    List ViewGrid View

    SORT ORDER – Sort the screen contents, either ascending or descending according to the SORT BY option.
    SORT BY – Sort the screen contents by name, size or last modified date.
    Offline Access – Files are saved on the mobile device, so that access is faster. See Managing Offline Access.

  • Android only: Theme
    Light only – The theme is light, regardless of the Android theme setting.
    Dark only – The theme is dark, regardless of the Android theme setting.

Light DisplayDark Display

For iOS, to set light or dark mode, see iOS devices: Dark and light display.

Version – The CTERA Mobile app version.
End User License Agreement – The license agreement to use the CTERA Mobile app. A copy is also available from https://www.ctera.com/eula/.

Send Logs – Send the mobile App logs. See Sharing Logs.

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