Managing Snapshots
  • 21 Mar 2022
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Managing Snapshots

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Article Summary

To take snapshots:

  1. Stop the portal server: stop
  2. Add the following settings to the portal server in /etc/ctera/portal.cfg:
    CTERA_STORAGE_MAX_SNAPSHOTS = <maximum_number_of_snapshots_allowed>
    SNAPSHOTS_INTERVAL = <interval_in_hours_between_snapshots>
    SOFTLAYER_API_KEY = <softlayer_api_key>
    SOFTLAYER_USERNAME = <softlayer_account_username>
  3. Start the portal server: start
    You can manually create snapshots of the CTERA datapool iSCSI volumes, using the portal-storage-util.shcommand.
    The datapool must be a single disk for snapshot support.
    Use the following commands to manage snapshots:
    To take a snapshot: take_snapshot
    To display the list of existing snapshots: display_snapshots
    To destroy a specific snapshot: destroy_snapshot <snapshot_id>
    To restore the file system to a specific snapshot: rollback_snapshots <snapshot_id>
    When a volume is deleted the snapshots for that volume are also deleted. If the volume is detached from the portal instance, the snapshot is not accessible.

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