Portal Log Messages
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Portal Log Messages

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Log messages are divided into the following:

Emergency Messages

RAID array has failedSystem

Alert Messages

A storage volume is fullSystem
Agent did not complete a backup for a long timeSystem
Agent software updates will not be performedSystem
Array contains a disk which is unsafe for RAID: SCT Error Recovery Control is unsupportedSystem
Caching Gateway is in critical condition: Too much data in non-evictable folders. Please increase cache size or reduce size of pinned folders.System
Cloud backup has not succeeded for a long timeSystem
Cloud Sync: Add directory watch failedSystem
Cloud sync has not succeeded for a long timeSystem
Connection to cloud services has not succeeded for a long timeSystem
Consistency errors were detected in volume. Run the Volume Repair WizardSystem
Device clock and portal clock are out of sync. Cloud Drive synchronization disabledSystem
Disk has failed S.M.A.R.T health testSystem
Disk has failed S.M.A.R.T testSystem
Exceeding the maximum amount of synchronized directories. Some local changes may not be synchronizedSystem
RAID array is running in degraded modeSystem
Synchronization task has not succeeded for a long timeSystem
Throttling writes due to low space in cache volume.System
Too much data was marked as available offline. Please increase the cache size in settingsSystem
Unable to store logs to log volumeSystem
UPS device reported low batterySystem
UPS device reported low battery; Safely shutting downSystem
User is near quota on volumeSystem
User is over quota on volumeSystem

Error Messages

Application operation failedFiles
Attempt to access folder with an invalid passphraseAccess
Automatic share creation process failedSystem
Backup completed with errorsBackup
Base backup failedSystem
Catalog Database Is Not RespondingSystem
Client login to portal failedAccess
CloudSync state changed to Upload StalledSystem
Disk-level backup failedSync
Download failedSystem
Error MessageSystem
Error while scanning a fileAntivirus
Failed handling device requestSystem
Failed mounting the volume. Try enabling snapshots or upgrading your firmwareSystem
Failed running storage commandSystem
Failed sending alert. Check your configurationSystem
Failed sending alert to specified recipientSystem
Failed to save the configuration fileSystem
File system contains errors that could not be fixedSystem
File system contains errors that were left unfixedSystem
File transfer failedCloud Sync
Home directory reapply process failedSystem
Invalid verification code enteredAccess
Local backup failedSync
No certificate is installedSystem
Post-backup operation failedAgent and System
Pre-backup operation failedAgent and System
Remote access failedAccess
Seeding failedSystem
SMTP server cannot be contactedSystem
Streaming replication failedSystem
Too many failed login attemptsAccess
Too many verification failures – verification code revokedAccess
Unplanned eventAgent
User has too many active CTTP sessionsSystem
VSS writer errorAgent and System
Xlog archive failedSystem

Warning Messages

Access denied: external user does not have permission to access this resourceAccess
Access denied: Invalid permalink providedAccess
Access denied: Too many attempts to authenticate as external user; Client blockedAccess
Access denied: Too many attempts to request PIN code; Client blockedAccess
Access denied: Too many failed attempts to access permalink; Client blockedAccess
Access denied: Too many failed attempts to authenticate as external user; Client blockedAccess
Access denied: Too many failed attempts to provide PIN code; Client blockedAccess
Access to file blocked due to system errorAccess
Access to sensitive file blocked by DLPAccess
Active Directory connection failed: Domain join operation requiredSystem
Active Directory connection failed: Network errorSystem
Agent failed to log inAccess
Application operation completed with warningsFiles
Backing up without creating a snapshotAgent
Backup completed with warningsBackup
Cache is full but no files could be evictedSystem
Cloud Sync: Overflow in FS listenerSystem
Connection to portal failedSystem
Detected a disk with more than one partition. Using only the first partition.System
Disk has a SMART attribute which exceeded its thresholdSystem
Disk-level backup completed with errorsSync
Duplicate IP address detectedSystem
Error during home directory reapply processSystem
File rejected by Cloud Drive policyAccess
File synchronization failedFiles
File system contained errors, but they were fixed successfullySystem
File transfer failedFiles
Found a duplicate array name. Renaming the new arraySystem
Found a duplicate volume name. Renaming the new volumeSystem
Found a volume with an invalid name. Renaming the volumeSystem
Ignoring volume with duplicate volume nameSystem
Import failedSystem
Infected file foundAntivirus
Local Backup completed with errorsSystem
Log storage location is not available. Storing logs in memorySystem
Multiple concurrent sessions detected by an administratorAccess
Permanent Delete abortedPermanent deletion
Permanent Delete failedPermanent deletion
Permission denied: Attempt to access permalink with an invalid PIN codeAccess
Possible negative reference countSystem
Quarantine eventSystem
Received NFS request for an invalid pathAccess
Received NFS request for path that is not exported to NFSAccess
Received NFS request from unauthorized clientAccess
Received NFS request on an invalid portAccess
Redundant power supply is currently OFFLINE. Operating in single PSU modeSystem
Removing a configuration field that is no longer required from the configuration fileSystem
Repair stoppedSystem
Resetting the configuration field to defaultsSystem
Resetting the configuration to defaultsSystem
Seeding only partially completedSystem
Send Keep-Alive alertSystem
SMB connection droppedSystem
Streaming replication is running with latencySystem
System is low on memorySystem
This device is unlicensedSystem
Upload request deniedAccess
UPS device running on batterySystem
User failed to log inAccess
User failed to log in to FTP server: Too many active sessionsAccess
Virus detectedAntivirus
Warning MessageSystem

Notice Messages

Agent connectedAccess
Agent disconnectedAccess
Agent started upAgent and System
Agent version changedAgent
Array status changedSystem
Backing up without creating a snapshotSystem
Backup completed successfullyBackup
Configuration ChangedAudit
Connected to networkSystem
Connected to portalSystem
Device restartedSystem
Device shut downSystem
Device certificate was updatedSystem
Device started upSystem
Disconnected from networkSystem
Disconnected from portalSystem
Disk plugged inSystem
Disk unpluggedSystem
Disk-level backup completedSync
Firmware version changedSystem
Import succeededSystem
Local Backup completedSync
Permanent Delete completed successfullyPermanent deletion
Snapshots changedAudit
System time was updated by the NTP serverSystem
User logged inAccess
User logged outAccess
Virus definitions database updatedSystem

Info Messages

Application operation succeededFiles
Both power supplies are currently ONLINE. Operating in dual PSU modeSystem
Client activated in portalAccess
Client connected to portalAccess
Client failed activation in portalAccess
Client logged in to portalAccess
Client logged out of portalAccess
Cloud Drive AccessAccess
Cloud Drive Access: DLP service is not available. Download allowedAccess
CloudSync state changed to normalSystem
Collaboration invitation was resentAccess
Connected to Active Directory domainSystem
Download completedAcess
Downloaded new Agent versionSystem
External user successfully authenticated by PIN codeAccess
External user successfully authenticated by providing machine tokenAccess
File deleted from quarantineAntivirus
FilePermanentDeletionLogPermanent deletion
File restored from quarantineAntivirus
File system recovered after unclean shutdownSystem
File transferredCloud Sync and Files
Finished array syncingSystem
Home directory reapply process completedSystem
Index deletedSystem
Informational MessageSystem
Received NFS request from authenticated clientAccess
Remote wipe completed successfullySystem
Remote wipe was initiatedSystem
Repair completed successfully without errorsSystem
replication fileFiles
Reshared by adding collaboratorsAccess
Reshared by creating public linkAccess
Seeding completed successfullySystem
Share was modifiedAccess
Shared by adding collaboratorsAccess
Started seedingSystem
Starting array syncingSystem
Unshared from userAccess
UPS device attachedSystem
UPS device detachedSystem
UPS device running on AC powerSystem
User accessed invitationAccess
Voucher redeemedAccounting
Volume transferredFiles

Debug Messages

Attempt to access permalink with an invalid or expired machine token. Asking user to authenticateAccess
Cloud CacheSystem
Debug MessageSystem
Failed connecting to a domain controllerSystem
File scanned and approvedAntivirus
File was not scannedAntivirus
Local Backup startedSystem
Log DroppedSystem
Removing a deprecated configuration field from the configuration fileSystem

Trace Messages

Table analysisSystem

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