Requesting a Team Project Using Team Storage
  • 25 Apr 2022
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Requesting a Team Project Using Team Storage

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Article Summary

To use storage from the team portal quota, you must request a team project from the CTERA Portal administrator, specifying how much storage will be required for the project.


The user can only request a team project if the CTERA Portal administrator has enabled the option

The team project is defined at the Cloud Drive level and cannot be defined in a folder under the Cloud Drive.
To request a team project:

  1. In the CTERA Portal, in the Cloud Drive root, click New and choose Request a Team Project.
    The Request a Team Project window is displayed.
  2. Specify details for the team project.
    Project Name – A name for the team project. This name cannot include special characters, such as @ # $.
    Note: The approving administrator can change this project name.
    Folder Size – How much storage you estimate will be needed for this project. The size must be an integer value.
    Note: The approving administrator can change the folder size.
    Message to Approver – Text specifying why a team folder is required. You must enter text in this field.
    For example, Please set up a team project for project documentation. I estimate a minimum of 3GB will be needed, but want 5GB to be on the safe side.
  3. Click Send Request.

The request is sent to the CTERA Portal administrators, who can either accept or reject the request. The request can be accepted using the requested folder size or the administrator can change this size.

Email Confirmation of an Approved Request

If the request is accepted, you receive an acceptance email, for example:
The team project is created at the Cloud Drive level. For example, for a team project called Documentation:

Email Confirmation of a Rejected Request

If the request is rejected, you receive a rejection email.

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