Restoring a Backup
  • 07 Apr 2022
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Restoring a Backup

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Article Summary

You can view, download, and restore the current or previous versions of a backed up file.
After verifying that a selected backup is the one to restore you can restore the whole backup or folders and files in the back up.
To restore a current backup:

  1. In BACKUPS, drill-down to the backup to restore.
  2. Select what you want to restore and click image.png.
  3. Specify how to handle file conflicts:
    • Overwrite the current version with the backup version.
    • Only overwrite the current version with the backup version if the backup version is a more recent version.
    • Keep the current version and restore the backup version with a new name: the files name followed by the original date of the file.
    • Skip restoring the backup file.
  1. Specify where to restore the backup on the device where the backup was run.
    Click Start Restore.

To restore a previous version of a backup:

  1. In your backup, drill-down to the backup with a previous version to restore.
  2. Click More Versions to see the list of all backed up versions.
    The list of backup versions that exist is displayed.
    Note: If you select a single file and click HelpimagesIconPreviousVersions2.png, the File Version window is displayed, listing the different backup versions that exist for the file. You download the selected backup file version, or, preview the selected backup file, to decide if it is the file you want to restore, or, restore the selected backup file, or, copy the selected backup file to another location.
  3. Click the version you want to restore.The list of folders and files backed up at the chosen date and time are displayed.
  4. The procedure to restore the selected version is the same as for the current version, described above.

To return to the current backup after selecting a previous version:

  • Click More Versions and select the BACK TO CURRENT option.HelpimagesBackupReturnToCurrent.png

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