Running a Backup
  • 07 Apr 2022
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Running a Backup

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While the device is connected to the CTERA Portal, you can run a backup directly from the CTERA Portal. You schedule backups and also run and suspend backups directly in the user interface for the device: CTERA Edge Filer and CTERA Drive (Agent).
To run a backup from the CTERA Portal:

  1. Click the DEVICES option in the navigation pane.
    This page displays all of your devices that have been connected to your account, for example, laptops and mobile phones.HelpimagesDevices1.png
  2. Click the graphic or the name of the device that is connected to the CTERA Portal and you want to back up.
    The device details are displayed.
  3. Click the Cloud Backup tab.
    The backup details for the device are displayed.
  4. Click HelpimagesRunBackupIcon.png to run a new backup immediately. The progress of the backup is displayed.
    To cancel the backup that is currently running, click HelpimagesCancelIcon.png.
    To suspend the backup that is currently running, click HelpimagesSuspendIcon.png.
    To resume the backup that is suspended running, click HelpimagesResumeIcon.png.

You can view the backed up files by clicking HelpimagesViewBackup.png

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