Changing a Folder Group Passphrase
  • 19 Apr 2022
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Changing a Folder Group Passphrase

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Article Summary

If the folder group is passphrase protected, you can change the passphrase. A folder group that is passphrase protected has this information displayed when you mouse over the folder group to the right of the folder group name.

**Warning: Changing the passphrase for a folder group will cause all devices using folders in the folder group to be unable to backup files, until the backup service has been re-configured with the new passphrase in the devices' administration interfaces.
To change a passphrase:

  1. Select Folders > Folder Groups in the navigation pane.
    The** FOLDER GROUPS** page is displayed.
  2. Select the folder group.
  3. Click Change Passphrase.
    The Change My Passphrase window is displayed.
    Your Old Passphrase – The folder's old passphrase.
    Your New Passphrase and Confirm New Passphrase – Anew passphrase.
    Passphrase Strenght – Displays the passphrase's strength.
  4. Click FINISH.

Note: The other fields in the window cannot be edited.

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