Logging In To the Administration Interface
  • 11 Apr 2022
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Logging In To the Administration Interface

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Browser Requirements

In order to use the CTERA Portal, you need an Internet browser. You can use any of the latest two releases of Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge.

The Administration Interface

CTERA Portal provides an administration web interface for:

  • Configuring and monitoring the CTERA Portal.
  • Provisioning the virtual CTERA Portal.

As an administrator, you have access to the administration Web interface. This interface lets you perform administration tasks for the CTERA Portal.
To log in to the administration interface you use the IP address of the portal server. If the DNS service is set up, you can use it with the portal's DNS suffix and, if changed from the default, the HTTPS access port number.

To log in to the administration interface:

  1. In a Web browser open http://virtualportal_name.DNS_Suffix/ServicesPortal
    where, virtualportal_name is the name of the portal, and DNS_Suffix is the DNS suffix for the CTERA Portal installation.
    The interface to the specified portal is displayed.
    Note: If the CTERA Portal is set to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS, CTERA Portal redirects the browser to the HTTPS page. It is also possible to set the HTTPS access port to be different from the standard 443. In this case, the address is: http://virtualportal_name.DNS_Suffix/ServicesPortal:HTTPS_port/ServicesPortal, where HTTPS_port is a customized port.
    For example, to connect to Acme’s administration CTERA Portal using HTTPS port 2222, use the following address: https://acme.ctera.com:2222/ServicesPortal .
    The CTERA Portal opens, displaying the login page.

If SAML Single Sign On (SSO) is enabled, on your first access to the CTERA Portal you are redirected to the SAML identity provider's login page. On subsequent log ins, you directly access the CTERA Portal.
If CAC, Common Access Card, is implemented at the site, the login page is skipped if the card access is authorized.
2. Enter your administrator user name and password and click SIGN IN. If you are redirected to an identity provider's login page, enter your credentials there. The identity provider processes your authentication.
The end user interface is displayed. The first time you sign in to the CTERA Portal, a short tutorial starts, to guide you through using your CTERA Portal.
An administrator has options to manage the end users in this view, as described in Administrator Options In the End User Interface.
3. To access the full administrator interface, click the avatar at the top right, or your initials, if you have not yet configured an avatar, and select Administration.
Note: Configuring an avatar is described in Changing Your Personal Details.
The administration interface opens in a new tab, displaying the Main > Dashboard page of the CTERA Portal.

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