Viewing the Folders Report
  • 21 Apr 2022
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Viewing the Folders Report

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Article Summary

You can view detailed information about all folders, including deleted ones.

To view the Folders Report:

  1. Select Main > Reports in the navigation pane.
    The REPORTS page is displayed.
    Note: On first entry to the REPORTS page, click GENERATE for each report view to generate the report.
  2. Select Folders Report from the View drop-down list.
  3. If the Last run on field displays Never , or if you would like to update the displayed report, click Run.
    The following information is displayed.
NAMEThe folder's name.
OWNERThe folder's owner.
TYPEThe type of folder; backup or cloud drive.
CURRENT SNAPSHOT STORAGEDetails about the latest snapshot:
* The storage quota allocated to this folder. If the quota is unlimited, this value is empty, otherwise, it displays the amount of the storage quota being used. The value is the logical storage before any deduplication, versioning and compression.
* The amount of storage currently used by this folder. The value is the logical storage before any deduplication, versioning and compression.
* The number of files in the current snapshot, the live file system, not including previous versions or deleted files, and the amount of storage required by these files.
ALL SNAPSHOT STORAGEDetails about all the snapshots storage for all devices (edge filers and agents):
* The total number of snapshots that are currently maintained for this portal. The value depends on the retention policy. For details about the retention policy, see The Snapshot Retention Policy Options.
* The size in bytes of the storage in the storage node for all the snapshots in the storage node for this portal after deduplication and compression.
* The total number of files in all the snapshots.
* The number of corrupted files, marked by FSCK.
* Temporary files that represent incomplete uploads, in the temp snapshot. These files are automatically deleted within a few days. They are used for the purposes of keeping the blocks from being deleted so that CTERA Portal is able to resume failed uploads.

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