Debug Messages
  • 15 May 2022
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Debug Messages

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Class Message Additional Attributes
AntivirusUpdateNoChange Antivirus malware DB: no changes
DebugLog Debug Message details (String)
DomainControllerConnFail Failed connecting to a domain controller domain (String)
Server (String)
ErrorLog Error Message details (String)
EvictorNotification Cloud Cache Status (String)
InfoLog Informational Message details (String)
LogDropped Log Dropped Optional: Class (String)
Optional: Field (String)
RemoveField Removing a deprecated configuration field from the configuration file field (String)
ReplicationTaskStarted Local Backup started Name (String)
syncid (String)
syncMode (SyncMode), default value is Backup
syncType (RepliType), default value is Sync
WarningLog Warning Message details (String)

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