Configuring FTP Access
  • 17 Apr 2022
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Configuring FTP Access

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Article Summary

Note: By default, the FTP sharing protocol is disabled.

To configure FTP access:

  1. In the CONFIGURATION tab, select Share > FTP Server in the navigation pane.
    The FTP Server page is displayed.
  2. Check Enable the FTP server and specify the FTP details.
    Allow only SSL/TLS connections – Allow only Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) connections to your network shares on the FTP Server.
    Maximum Connections per Client – Type the maximum number of concurrent FTP connections allowed per client. The default value is 5.
    Banner Message – The message to display at the top of the page when accessing the network shares via FTP.
    Allow anonymous FTP downloads – Allow users to access and download files from a specific directory on the FTP server, without authenticating.
    Anonymous FTP Directory – The directory you want to allow users to download by FTP without authenticating.
    Limit download bandwidth – Restrict the bandwidth used for FTP downloads. Enter the maximum bandwidth to use for FTP downloads in kilobytes per second.
  3. Click Revert , if you made changes that you did not save, to revert to display the saved values.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Test your settings:
    Note: FTP testing is not available if you chose to allow only SSL/TLS connections.
    a) Click Test and in the Authentication Required window, enter the CTERA Edge Filer user name and password.
    b) Click Login.
    The FTP index opens, displaying all the shares you have access to that have FTP enabled.

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