Preparing a Backup Seeding Hard Drive
  • 17 Apr 2022
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Preparing a Backup Seeding Hard Drive

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When you have a large amount of information to back up, the initial backup to the cloud can take a long time. You can speed up the initial backup by preparing a backup seeding hard drive: a drive that contains all of the files you want to include in your initial backup. You then use the seeding drive to create the initial backup on the portal.
The seeding drive can optionally be encrypted, so even if the drive is lost, there is very little risk to any sensitive information.

To prepare a backup seeding hard drive:

  1. Select the files and folders you want to include in the initial backup. These files and folders will be written to the seeding drive.

  2. In the CONFIGURATION tab, select Cloud Backup > Control Panel in the navigation pane.
    The Cloud Backup Control Panel page is displayed.

  3. Click Seeding.
    The Select Seeding Destination window is displayed.
    Note: The Seeding option is displayed only if the backup seeding service is supported.

  4. Choose the volume to use as the seeding drive.
    Note: The contents of this volume will be deleted.

  5. To encrypt the seeding drive, check Use encryption.

  6. Click Finish and then click Yes to confirm.

  7. The selected files and folders are written to the seeding drive which is then mounted as the seeding station for the portal.

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