Getting Help and Support for the CTERA Portal
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Getting Help and Support for the CTERA Portal

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If you require help with the CTERA Portal, you can access the online help and if this is not sufficient open a support case with CTERA support. If you are having an issue, you can generate a report which collects information that CTERA support can then use to resolve the issue.

To get online help and support for the CTERA Portal:

  1. In the global administration view, select Help And Support in the navigation pane.

  2. Options are displayed.
    Online Help – Opens the online help in a separate tab. This is equivalent to clicking the avatar next to the name in the top right of the user interface and then clicking Help to display access to the online help.
    Download Support Report – If a problem arises with your portal, you can generate a report for CTERA support to use to identify and resolve the problem. The report is generated in an encrypted ZIP file in your computer's download folder. The report includes the following information:

    • Portal status:

      • Environment details such as: versions, DB size, and server details.
      • Relevant sync and backup information such as the total number of devices, failures, and configuration changes.
      • Data related errors such as the missing blocks, incomplete file.
      • Infrastructure issues such as a DB corruption and DB maintenance task issues.
      • Backup and sync failures.
    • Device status:

      • Critical errors.
      • Backup and sync problems.
      • The general status of the device.

    Contact – Log in to your support account directly from your portal.


    You require a support account to contact CTERA support.

To generate a support report:

  1. In the global administration view, select Help And Support in the navigation pane and click Download Support Report.
    The Generate Support Report window is displayed and the report is generated. After the report is generated, you can download it or run the procedure again to generate a new report.
  2. click Close to finish.

While the report is being generated, you can either stop the process, by clicking Stop or close the window while the process continues to run in the background by clicking Continue in Background.

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