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The HC400T is a CTERA Edge Filer running on a HP ProLiant MicroServer.

The HC400T CTERA Edge Filer Front Panel

The CTERA Edge Filer includes 2 or 4 drive bays, behind the front bezel. These drives must not be tampered with unless CTERA support has given permission. On the right of the front panel the lock indicator must show a blue LED.
The front panel includes 2 USB 3.2 ports which can be used to attach peripheral devices, such as a keyboard and mouse.


There are additional USB ports in the back panel, so you can choose to use either the front or back panel USB ports, whichever is more convenient.

Front panel LEDs may indicate if there is a problem with the health of your CTERA Edge Filer. The LEDs are described from left to right.

Drive activityFlashing greenOngoing drive activity.
OffNo drive activity.
NIC statusOn (Green)The HC400T is linked to the network.
Flashing (Green)The network link is active.
OffThere is no network activity.
HealthOn (Green)Normal.
Flashing (Amber)One or more components is in degraded condition.
Flashing (Amber, blinking at 1 flash per second)Ambient temperature or server temperature is above the operating temperature range – 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F).
Flashing (Red)One or more components is in critical condition. Attach a monitor and reboot the server and an error message screen showing the affected component is displayed for about 30 seconds.
Power on/Standby buttonFlashing greenOngoing power-on sequence.
On (Green)System on and normal operation.
On (Amber)System in standby.
OffNo power present.

The HC400T CTERA Edge Filer Back Panel

Network and power connections are via the CTERA Edge Filer's back panel.
The CTERA Edge Filer back panel contains the following:

iLO portAn iLO dedicated NIC port.
Power jackA power jack to supply power to the HC400T.
Network portsEthernet ports to connect the HC400T to your Ethernet LAN switch or router.
Video portA port to connect an analog VGA monitor or projector.
HDMI portHigh-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port for a high resolution monitor.
USB ports4 USB 3.2 ports.

Setting Up the HC400T CTERA Edge Filer and Getting the IP

To set up the CTERA Edge Filer:

  1. Connect the end of the Ethernet cable to your Ethernet LAN switch and the other end to the leftmost (NIC1) network port, at the back of the CTERA Edge Filer.
  2. Connect a monitor to the back of the CTERA Edge Filer via the VGA port or HDMI port.
  3. Attach the power cord to the power jack at the back of the CTERA Edge Filer to connect the HC400T to power.
  4. Press the Power on/Standby button in the front of the CTERA Edge Filer.
    The CTERA Edge Filer will start up, and the LED will flash green. When the LED turns steady green, the CTERA Edge Filer is ready.
    After the startup finishes, the ESXi server management IP address is displayed.
  5. Record the ESXi server management IP address for use to configure the CTERA Edge Filer IP address.

Configuring the CTERA Edge Filer IP

You access the VMware Host Client to get the CTERA Edge Filer IP address. You can access the VMware Host Client from any computer with LAN access.


The ESXi hypervisor cannot be managed in a VMware vCenter.

To get the CTERA Edge Filer IP address:

  1. In any browser enter the ESXi server management IP address to open the VMware Host Client.
    user name: root
    Password: CTERA123!
  2. On first access, change the password.
  3. Click the down arrow to the right of the root user and select Change password.
  4. In the Change password window that is displayed, enter the new password, confirm it and click Change password.
  5. Under Virtual Machines in the left-hand navigation pane, right-click the CTERA Edge Filer virtual machine and select Console > Open browser console from the popup menu.
    The following login screen is displayed:
  6. Login in with the username setup and no password, as instructed.
    The console is displayed.

    The console might have other options.

Using DHCP, after a few seconds the IP address to access the CTERA Edge Filer in a browser is displayed in the top right of the console.

To set a static IP address:

  1. Click in the console to transfer the keyboard control to the console and, if necessary, use the arrow keys to scroll to Network settings.
  2. Press Enter.
  3. Select Static IP mode and press OK.
  4. Complete the configuration for static mode by entering the static IP, netmask, default CTERA Edge Filer IP and the primary and secondary DNS server IPs.
  5. Press OK.

After setting up the CTERA Edge Filer, you perform an initial configuration, described in First Time Setup.

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