Disable the Outlook Plug-in
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Disable the Outlook Plug-in

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Article Summary

CTERA Agent includes a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables you to send email attachments as public links to files on your portal Cloud Drive. The plug-in syncs attached files to the portal Cloud Drive and inserts public links to the files into the email body.

The plug-in enables you to:

  • Send attachments as public links.
  • Convert attachments to public links after you attach the files.
  • Control the following through the plug-in settings:
  • Whether to automatically send all attachments as public links, send any attachments over a certain size as public links, or never automatically send attachments as public links.
  • Whether to be asked if you want to send each attachment as a public link.
  • The expiration period for the public links.

When you send email attachments as public links:

  • You can send large file as links, including those that are larger than the limit that may be imposed by your Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • You maintain less Exchange Server storage.
  • You can delete or edit files after sending them.
  • The files are never sent in a non-encrypted format.

When the email recipient receives the attachment, the recipient clicks the link to view the shared files.

A Cloud Drive user can also revoke access to the attachments after they are sent.

Step-by-step guide

To disable the plugin from an agent:

  1. In the CTERA Agent Settings window, go to Advanced > Desktop Integration.
  2. Uncheck Enable Outlook Addin.
  3. Click Save.

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