Making Files Always Available on the Caching Agent: Pinning
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Making Files Always Available on the Caching Agent: Pinning

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Article Summary

Files in folders marked as pinned stay on the agent and are never evicted. This is useful for files that you always want to be available, with immediate access. This ensures that the folder is always accessible even when the device is offline, if there is downtime of the cloud provider or portal, or the file is large and would take a long time to download.

To pin folders:

  1. Either, right-click the CTERA Agent tray icon, HelpimagesAgentIconPostLogon.png, and select Settings.
    Click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the CTERA Agent window.
    The CTERA Agent Settings window is displayed.
  2. Click Main > Pinned Folders in the navigation pane.
    The Pinned Folders page is displayed.
  3. Select the folders that you want to pin.
  4.  Click Save.

To select the majority of folders under a specific folder, you can select the specific folder and then uncheck specific subfolders to unpin them.
If you check a cloud folder, all the subfolders under the cloud folder are pinned and any folders added later under the cloud folder will be pinned automatically. 

The checked folders are pinned.

What Happens to Files That Are Not Pinned

Files that are not pinned are stored in the Caching Agent as stubs. When a user accesses a file stub, the file is downloaded to the cache and then opened.

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