Managing Device Configuration Templates
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Managing Device Configuration Templates

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Article Summary

CTERA Portal enables you to centrally manage device settings, by assigning devices to device configuration templates: When a device is assigned to a template, it inherits the following settings from that template:

  • Backup sets and exclude sets
  • Backup applications (relevant for CTERA Server Agents only)
  • Backup schedule
  • Backup throughput control
  • Scripts that run on CTERA Agents (relevant for CTERA Agent devices only)
  • Installed software and firmware versions
  • Automatic firmware updates

Some of these settings can be overridden by an agent end user.

Devices can be assigned to templates in the following ways:

Viewing Device Configuration Templates

To view all device configuration templates in the portal:

  • Select Settings > Configuration Template in the navigation pane.
    The CONFIGURATION TEMPLATES page is displayed.

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