Managing Device Configuration Templates
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Managing Device Configuration Templates

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CTERA Portal enables you to centrally manage device settings, by assigning devices to device configuration templates: When a device is assigned to a template, it inherits the following settings from that template:

  • Backup sets and exclude sets
  • Backup applications (relevant for CTERA Server Agents only)
  • Backup schedule
  • Backup throughput control
  • Scripts that run on CTERA Agents (relevant for CTERA Agent devices only)
  • Installed software and firmware versions
  • Automatic firmware updates

Some of these settings can be overridden by an agent end user.

Devices can be assigned to templates in the following ways:

  • Automatic template assignment.
    Devices can be assigned to templates based on the automatic template assignment policy, which specifies a set of criteria for assigning a template such as device type and operating system, as well as an optional default template that is assigned when none of the criteria are met.
    See Configuring the Automatic Template Assignment Policy.
  • Manually, by editing the advanced device settings.
    See Managing Devices From the End User Portal.

Viewing Device Configuration Templates

To view all device configuration templates in the portal:

  • Select Settings > Configuration Template in the navigation pane.
    The Configuration Templates page is displayed.

The portal does not have any predefined configuration templates.

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