Managing Portal Servers
  • 29 Oct 2023
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Managing Portal Servers

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Article Summary

As a global administrator, you can manage the servers on which CTERA Portal is installed.

CTERA Portal servers are Tomcat servers (Apace Tomcat) running on CentOS Linux machines. The database used by the CTERA Portal is a PostgreSQL database.

You can use third-party tools to monitor the tomcat servers and portal database. For example, Nagios,, provides complete monitoring of CentOS Linux operating systems, including operating system metrics, service state, process state, and file system usage. To monitor the database you can use a tool such as Open PostgreSQL Monitoring (OPM).


For details about adding servers, refer to the installation documentation for your environment.

CTERA monitoring is available using external tools. CTERA officially supports Datadog and Nagios monitoring systems.

Viewing Servers

To view the CTERA Portal servers:

  1. In the global administration view, select Main > Servers in the navigation pane.
    The SERVERS page is displayed, listing all the servers for the CTERA Portal.
  2. To view server settings, click the server name.
    The server window is displayed with the server name as the window title.

For details refer to Editing Server Settings.

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