Performing Backup Operations
  • 07 Apr 2022
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Performing Backup Operations

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Article Summary

You can start, stop, suspend, or resume backup directly from the Device Manager, without logging into the remote device. This is relevant for CTERA Gateways and CTERA Agents and can be done if the Cloud Backup service is enabled.

To manually start cloud backup:

  1. In the global administration view, select Main > Devices in the navigation pane.
    The DEVICES page opens, displaying all the devices connected to the portals.
  2. Click the device name.
    A warning is displayed that you will be redirected to the portal view for the selected device.
  3. Click CONFIRM.
    The device details are displayed in a new browser window.
    The details are different for each type of device and whether the device is currently connected to the portal.
  4. Click the Cloud Backup tab.
    The backup details for the device are displayed.
  5. Click GlobalAdministrationimagesRunBackupIcon.png to run a new backup immediately. The progress of the backup is displayed.
    To cancel the backup that is currently running, click GlobalAdministrationimagesCancelIcon.png.
    To suspend the backup that is currently running, click GlobalAdministrationimagesSuspendIcon1.png.
    To resume the backup that is suspended running, click GlobalAdministrationimagesResumeIcon2.png.
    You can view the backed up files by clicking GlobalAdministrationimagesViewBackup.png.

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