Uploading Firmware Images
  • 21 Mar 2022
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Uploading Firmware Images

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Article Summary

To upload a firmware image:

  1. In the global administration view, select Settings in the navigation pane.
    The Control Panel page is displayed.
  2. Select Firmware Repository, under SETTINGS in the Control Panel page.
    The Firmware Repository window is displayed.
  3. Click Upload.
    The Upload Firmware Wizard opens displaying the Upload Firmware dialog box.
  4. Click Upload and browse to the file to upload.
    • For version 6.0.x – *.tgz files.
    • For version 7.0.x – *.firm files.
  5. Click Open.
    The firmware image is uploaded to the relevant device platform category and a completed window is displayed.
  6. Click FINISH.

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