Generate a Certificate Signing Request
  • 04 Apr 2022
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Generate a Certificate Signing Request

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Article Summary

You need to generate a certificate signing request, CSR, for your domain.

To generate a certificate signing request for your domain:

  1. In the global administration view, select Settings in the navigation pane.
    The Control Panel page is displayed.
  2. Select SSL Certificate under SETTINGS in the Control Panel page.
    The SSL Certificate window is displayed.
    The Create a certificate request windowis displayed.
  4. In the Domain Name field, enter the domain name for which you want to request a certificate.
    The value entered must match the type of certificate you chose to use. For example, if you chose a wildcard certificate, the domain name might be *
    If you chose a domain certificate, the domain name might be, where company01 is the name of your virtual portal.
    If multiple virtual portals are configured, each virtual portal has its own DNS name. In this case, the SSL certificate should be a wildcard certificate with an asterisk before the DNS suffix, for example, *
    If you have only one portal, and do not intended to configure multiple virtual portals, then use a regular SSL certificate and not a wildcard certificate.
    To request a certificate that specifies multiple alternative names, type the multiple names in this field, separated by semicolons. The certificate will include the subjectAltName certificate extension.
  5. Optionally, specify the following:
    Organizational Unit – The name of your organizational unit.
    Organization – The name of your organization.
    Email – Your email address.
    City – Your city.
    State – Your state.
    Country – Your country.
  6. Click GENERATE.
    A keypair is generated and stored on the portal.
    The Download a certificate request window is displayed.
  7. Click DOWNLOAD.
    The certificate request file certificate.req is downloaded to your computer.
    The Certificate Request area of the SSL Certificate window indicates that the certificate request is pending.

When you generate a CSR, a private.key file is registered in the CTERA Portal. If you now generate a new CSR, it will override the existing private.key file, and signing the old CSR will result in an error message indicating that the CSR does not match the private.key file. Therefore, do not generate a new CSR before installing the signed certificate.

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