Scheduling Automatic Backup
  • 12 May 2022
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Scheduling Automatic Backup

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Article Summary

  1. In the Configuration view, click Cloud Backup > Schedule in the navigation pane.
    The Schedule page is displayed.

  2. Schedule backups:
    Periodically – Specify the length of time between starting each full backup in either minutes or hours.

    • Start Every – The amount of time, minutes or hours, between each full backup.
      If a given backup extends past the scheduled time for the next automatic backup, the next automatic backup will commence immediately upon completion of the prior backup.

    Specific Time – Specify a fixed time to start the backup each day and either an end time or let the backup run to completion.

    • Start Time – The time to start the full backup.
    • Stop Time – The time to stop the backup, whether it has completed or not, or to stop on completion.
    • On Days – The days to run the full backup.

    It is recommended to schedule a full backup not more than once every 24 hours and use the transaction log to back up incremental changes.

  3. Click Save.

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