Selecting Files to Back Up
  • 11 Apr 2022
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Selecting Files to Back Up

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Note: Files on removable media, such as a USB drive, cannot be backed up using the CTERA Agent.

To select backup files from Windows File Explorer:

  1. Browse to the files or folders to add to the backup.

  2. Right-click each file or folder and select CTERA Agent > Add to backup to add the file to the backup list.


    CTERA Agent > Remove from backup to remove the file from the backup list.

    Note: The HelpimagesMarkedForBackup1.png icon on a folder indicates that all the files and nested folders in this folder are selected for backup. New files and folders added to this folder will also be backed up.

To select backup files in the CTERA Agent Settings window:

  1. Right-click the CTERA Agent tray icon in the taskbar, HelpimagesAgentIconPostLogon.png, and select Settings.


    Click the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the CTERA Agent window.

    The CTERA Agent Settings window is displayed.

  2. Click Backup Options > Backup Files in the navigation pane and expand the tree under All Volumes .

  3. Check any folder to add to your backup.

    Files in each folder are displayed in the right pane when you select the folder, all the files are selected for backup. If you do not check the folder, all the files are displayed without being selected for backup.

    The Selected Files field, at the bottom of the window, indicates the size of the files selected for backup.

    The Cloud Storage Usage field, at the bottom of the window, indicates the amount of used space in your account after the next cloud backup operation, including backups from any other CTERA devices included in your account.

    For example, let's say your account includes two devices, and each device will back up 100MB worth of files in the next cloud backup operation, for a total of 200MB. Your account already has 350MB worth of files stored online. In this case, the Cloud Storage Usage field will display 550MB .

  4. Click Save.

    Note: Folders which include content to backup are indicated with the HelpimagesBackupFolderIcon1.png

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