Setting Up DLP
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Setting Up DLP

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Symantec Data Loss Prevention seamlessly integrates with CTERA Portal after configuring ICAP.

To configure ICAP in Symantec Data Loss Prevention to integrate with CTERA Portal:

  1. Log in to Symantec Data Loss Prevention.
  2. Select the System tab.
  3. Click the server link from the list under Servers and Detectors.
  4. Click Configure.
    The Configure page is displayed.
  5. In the ICAP tab, make sure that the Trial Mode (Do not block violating messages) is unchecked and that the Ignore Requests Smaller Than is set to 1.

For more information refer to the Symantec Data Loss Prevention documentation.

Setting up DLP File Scanning in CTERA Portal

After adding the DLP license, you add a DLP server to the portal and then include DLP scanning in a plan at the global level. Any portal assigned to this plan includes DLP scanning.


For details about adding a license key, received from CTERA, that includes DLP, refer to Adding and Removing Licenses.

To add or edit a DLP server:

  1. In the global administration view, select Services > Data Loss Prevention in the navigation pane.
    The DATA LOSS PREVENTION page is displayed.
  2. To add a new server, click Add a Server.
    The New DLP Server window is displayed.
    To edit an existing DLP server, click the server’s name.
    The DLP server window is displayed with the server as the window title.
  3. Specify the details:
    Name – A name for the server.
    Scanning server type – Use the supported DLP vendor: Symantec DLP Engine.
    Server URL – The URL of the server, including the ICAP port. The default ICAP port is 1344: http://IP:1344/
    Server connection timeout – The server's connection timeout, in seconds.
  4. Click SAVE.

The sever is added and started. The DATA LOSS PREVENTION page is redisplayed showing the server is running.
The Status bar at the top of the page shows the current status:
Active/RUNNING OK – DLP is running on at least one server.
Warning/NOT LICENSED – The portal is not licensed for DLP.
Disabled/NOT RUNNING – DLP has been suspended and is not running.
Failed/NO SCANNING SERVERS AVAILABLE – There are no running DLP servers.

To set up DLP scanning in a plan:

  1. In the global administration view, select Provisioning > Plans in the navigation pane.
    The PLANS page is displayed.
  2. Click the plan to activate DLP scanning.
    The plan wizard opens, displaying the Services window.
  3. Check Data Loss Prevention (DLP) to activate the DLP feature and continue with the wizard to completion.

When DLP is activated, files are scanned for sensitive data automatically and transparently, before they are viewed or downloaded.

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