Swivel AuthControl Sentry
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Swivel AuthControl Sentry

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You set up SAML single sign-on support in Swivel AuthControl Sentry and gather the information you need to connect the CTERA Portal to Swivel AuthControl Sentry.


Before you start, get a CTERA logo image from CTERA, to identify the CTERA Portal SSO application.

To get the SAML single sign-on information:

  1. Login to Swivel AuthControl Sentry as the account administrator.
  2. Select Keys from the navigation menu.
    The Keys screen is displayed.
  3. Click Download next to the Cert type.
  4. Save the certificate as you will need to upload it to CTERA Portal in the procedure in described in Defining SAML Single Sign-on in a CTERA Portal.
  5. Select Application Images from the navigation menu.
  6. Click Upload New Image.
  7. Upload the CTERA logo image, that you received from CTERA.
  8. Select Applications from the navigation menu and then click Add Application.
    The Application Types screen is displayed.
  9. Select SAML - other.
    The SAML Application screen is displayed.
  10. Enter the following:
    Name – An name to identify the application. CTERA recommends a name such as CTERA.
    Image – A graphic to identify the application. CTERA recommends using the ctera logo image that you uploaded:
    Points – The score the user needs from the authentication method in order to successfully authenticate to this application. The default is zero. If you set a value, you have to specify how the authentication methods that ill be applied. For details, refer to Swivel AuthControl Sentry documentation.
    Portal URL – The URL to access the portal: http://<portal_name>.<DNS_Suffix>/ServicesPortal/samlSso where <portal_name> is the name of the portal, and <DNS_Suffix> is the DNS suffix for the CTERA Portal installation.
    Endpoint URL – Leave this field empty.
    Entity ID – Free text string that uniquely identifies your SAML identity provider. This must match the Entity ID/Issuer ID value you use when setting up SAML in the portal, in the procedure To configure SAML single sign-on, described in Defining SAML Single Sign-on in a CTERA Portal. The format is similar to the following example:
    Federated Id – The field used to identify the user attempting to log on to the portal. Enter email.
    Idp-Initiated SSO – Choose the SP-initiated option.
  11. Click Save.

To verify that SSO has been set up in Swivel AuthControl Sentry:

  • As an administrator, access the AuthControl Sentry start page.
    The CTERA application should be displayed.

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