Email notifications are not sent
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Email notifications are not sent

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Messages are not being received following actions that are supposed to trigger email notifications, such as actions configured as email alerts, monthly reports, and the creation of new users.


The following are possible causes:

  • The server is being blocked from sending emails. There may be just one specific IP address that can't relay the emails.
  • The portal SMTP settings are incorrect.




Test the SMTP connection by creating a new user in the portal, using your own email address and wait for a confirmation email.

The Server is Being Blocked from Sending Emails

To discover which IP address is blocking emails from being sent:

  1. Access the SMTP server via telnet on port 25.
  2. Type HELLO<your mail server domain> and press ENTER.
  3. Type AUTH LOGIN. The server responds with an encrypted prompt for your user name.
  4. Enter your user name encrypted in base 64. You can use one of several tools that are available to encode your user name.
  5. The server responds with an encrypted base 64 prompt for your password. Enter your password encrypted in base 64.
  6. Type MAIL FROM:<> and press ENTER. If the sender is not permitted to send mail, the SMTP server returns an error.
  7. Type RCPT TO:<recipient@remotedomain.comand press ENTER. If the recipient is not a valid recipient or the server does not accept mail for this domain, the SMTP server returns an error.
  8. Type DATA.
  9. Optionally, type message text, press ENTER, type a period (.), and press ENTER again. A response is displayed, indicating that mail is queued for delivery. The following is an example of the output that appears if no IP is blocking the sending:

root@ss001604:~# telnet <smtp server name> 25
Trying <smtp IP address>... 
Connected to 
Escape character is '^]'. 
220 ********* ESMTP Service (Network name) Ready, No UCE 
helo <smtp server name> 
250 ******** Hello [ip address], pleased to meet you 
mail from: <sending email address> 
250 2.1.0 ***************... Sender ok 
rcpt to: 

250 2.1.5 

If a device is blocking the sending, a line such as the following appears in the output:
250 <IP address> can't relay  

This gives you the IP address of the device that cannot relay emails.

The Portal SMTP Settings are Incorrect

This task can be performed in the global administration view only.

  1. In the global administration view, select Settings in the navigation pane.
  2. Select Messaging Settings under NOTIFICATIONS AND LOGS in the Control Panel page.
  3. In the Messaging window that is displayed, check that the mail server address and credentials are configured as intended.
  4. Check whether your SMTP server requires TLS or not and check or uncheck the Enable TLS checkbox accordingly.

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