Enable CTERA Support to troubleshoot a Portal
  • 14 Nov 2022
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Enable CTERA Support to troubleshoot a Portal

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Article Summary


You need help from CTERA Support to resolve a problem with the portal. 


Configure your firewall to enable access to CTERA Portal:

  1. Open the following ports:
    • Port 80 and 443 (for HTTP/HTTPS access)
    • Port 22 (for SSH access)
  2. Allow CTERA support access from the following port:
    • NA Support:
    • EU Support: (primary address) or (secondary address)
           Always use when it is available.
  3. Enable the ctera-support mode on your CTERA Portal server:
    1. Open an SSH session towards your CTERA Portal server.
    2. Enter the following command: portal-support.sh enable
          This command creates a user for CTERA Support and enables SSH access using a private/public authentication key pair without the need to provide CTERA with your root password.

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