Using SNMP Monitoring
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Using SNMP Monitoring

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You can configure the CTERA Edge Filer for monitoring using SNMP. This enables you to gather a wide range of information about the devices.

SNMP can be used with all CTERA Edge Filers. SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 are supported. SNMPv3 security level is set to Authentication and Privacy with HMAC SHA1 + AES 128 bit algorithms.

CTERA Edge Filer includes Net-SNMP. For details, refer to

Information is collected for the following MIBS:

The MIB files are available from the CTERA Knowledge base download center under Third-Party Products: SNMP MIBs.
The MIBs are stored on the SNMP server on the CTERA Edge Filer. You can monitor the CTERA Edge Filer MIBs using a management tool, such as the tool from

Setting Up SNMP Monitoring on the CTERA Edge Filer

To set up SNMP monitoring:

  1. In the Configuration view, select System > SNMP in the navigation pane.
    The SNMP page is displayed.

  2. Check the SNMP Enabled check box to activate SNMP, and then configure the following settings:
    SNMP Port – The default is TCP 161.


    SNMP Engine ID is defined automatically based on the MAC address and cannot be changed.

    Read Community – Configure as Read-Only. The SNMP Read-Only Community String is like a password. It is sent along with each SNMP Get-Request and allows or denies access to the device.

    If you are using SNMP v3, check the Enable SNMPV3 check box, and then enter a user name, authentication password, and the privacy password, which must be a minimum of 8 characters.

  3. Click Save to save the settings and activate SNMP monitoring.

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