Viewing Access Logs
  • 26 May 2022
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Viewing Access Logs

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Article Summary

To view access logs:

  • Select Logs & Alerts > Access Log in the navigation pane.
    The ACCESS LOG page opens, displaying the access to the portal.
    The page includes the following columns:

    DATEThe date and time at which the event occurred.
    ACTIONThe action performed.
    ORIGINThe entity that sent the log entry.
    To view details about the entity, click the entity name.
    USERThe user who triggered the event.
    To view details about the user, click the user name.
    CLIENT IPThe IP address from which the user triggered the event.
    TARGETThe entity on which the action was performed.
    DETAILSA description of the event. For example, the user logged out and a file was shared for collaboration.

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