About CTERA Drive (Agent)
  • 06 Apr 2022
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About CTERA Drive (Agent)

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Article Summary

CTERA Drive Protect (Agent) is a software application you use to back up and sync files to the cloud. You connect CTERA Agent directly to the CTERA Portal, which provides cloud-based backup and disaster recovery, and enterprise file sync and share (EFSS).

Note: If you want to connect the CTERA Agent to an old CTERA Edge Filer, a 6.0.x or earlier version, refer to the CTERA Agent documentation for version 6.0.x.

CTERA Agent incorporates multiple layered security features to ensure that your data is protected whether in transit or at rest:

  • CTERA Agent uses cryptographic libraries certified with FIPS 140-2.
  • All data is encrypted before it is sent to the cloud using AES-256 encryption and remains encrypted as it is stored.
  • All WAN transfers use Transport Level Security (TLS) protocol over the WAN, preventing unauthorized interception of data transfers.

Your CTERA Agent is signed into your account on the CTERA Portal. If you are subscribed to the Cloud Drive service, you can use your agent:

  • To sync to selected folders and their files on your portal Cloud Drive and share those files.
  • To configure the agent as a Caching Agent, whereby all your cloud drive content in the portal, cloud folders you own and the files and folders shared with you under Shared With Me, are presented as stubs on your workstation's local disk.
    You do not need to explicitly sync a certain folder, as the cloud drive folder structure and files are automatically visible on the local disk. However, the actual content of the files might not be there, and is downloaded from the portal on demand. This allows full visibility of your entire data, while utilizing a very small amount of local disk space: The main storage remains in the cloud with stubs saved locally. A stub is a file with a tiny footprint that contains the metadata about the file, such as the file name, size, and modification date. Only the folder and file metadata and not the actual file content is saved locally.
    When a user accesses a file stub, the file is opened without delay, by streaming the file content from the cloud. After the download has completed, the file is unstubbed. Any changes to the file are synced back to the portal. Files that are always required locally can be pinned, in which case they, and not the stubs, are stored locally.
  • To back up files from your agent-installed computer to your portal account, as long as you are subscribed to the CTERA Portal Cloud Backup service.

How to Manage and Monitor CTERA Agent

There are several management options:

  • End users can manage their local CTERA Agent from the workstation or server running the agent.
  • CTERA Portal administrators can manage each user's CTERA Agent from the CTERA Portal Web interface.

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