What's New in CTERA Global Portal Version 8.0.x
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What's New in CTERA Global Portal Version 8.0.x

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Article Summary

CTERA Portal version 8.0.x includes a number of new features for global portal administrators:

Administrator Role for WORM Compliance: CTERA Vault

WORM (write once, read many) compliance ensures that data cannot be tampered with or deleted.

CTERA provides a role, Compliance Officer and a permission, Manage Compliance Settings that you use to manage compliance. You can also set the Manage Compliance Settings permission for a Read/Write Administrator.

Only administrators with the Manage Compliance Settings can set up the CTERA Vault on a folder.

For details, see Customizing Administrator Roles.

Setting Up Access to Portal Content Using the S3 API

Portal content can be accessed using the S3 API either using supported S3 operations in programs or using an S3 browser application like FileZilla, WinSCP, Cyberduck, CloudBerry, and S3 Browser.

A portal server must be designated as an endpoint. For details, see the description of the S3 Endpoint field in Editing Server Settings:General Settings.


Checking the S3 Endpoint is required on only one server. For high availability, you can set he S3 Endpoint on more than one server

Storage Node Changes

The EMC ViPR (S3) storage node is no longer supported.

The following new storage node is now available: Hitachi HCP (S3 V4 Signature).

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