What's New in CTERA Global Portal Version 8.2.x
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What's New in CTERA Global Portal Version 8.2.x

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Article summary

CTERA Portal version 8.2.x includes a number of new features for global portal administrators:

New Look and Feel

The global administrator portal user interface has changed to have the same look and feel as the CTERA Edge Filer user interface.

Support for Multiple Edge Filers Connected to Varonis Data Security Platform

The CTERA Portal Varonis service now supports logs from more than one CTERA Edge Filer.

The Varonis service has been hardened to be more resilient. However, the changes to the Varonis service require changes to the setup as follows:

  • All CTERA Edge Filers must be removed from the Varonis Management Console and re-added.
  • The Varonis collector hostname and IP address must be added to the /etc/hosts file on every portal server in the portal cluster.
  • You need to run CLIs on each CTERA Edge Filer that you want to send logs to Varonis Data Security Platform. For information, contact CTERA support.

Notification Service (Metadata Connector)

The CTERA Notification service provides a programmable, RESTful API, interface included in the CTERA SDK, to enable capturing CTERA Edge Filer and CTERA Portal metadata, such as file names, types, sizes, path, to identify events and use this information to create tailored functionality. For example:

  • Pass selected events to an external system, such as SnowFlake or Splunk, for handling by the external system.
  • Index text files.
  • Generate transcripts for audio files.

Any global file system event, such as rename, create, update, or delete, is captured and can be sent to the external software to use.

Input and output uses the JSON format.

For full details, see https://ctera-python-sdk.readthedocs.io/en/latest/UserGuides/DataServices/NotificationService.html.

Changes to the Palette Generator

The palette generator ADMINISTRATION PALETTE has been simplified.

8.2.xEarlier Portal Versions

The END USER PALETTE has not been changed.

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