What's New In Version 7.5.2820.3
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What's New In Version 7.5.2820.3

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CTERA Portal version 7.5.2820.3 includes a number of new features for global portal administrators:

Storage Node New Features

Support for Cloud Storage Routing

Cloud storage routing uses storage classes, which represent a group of one or more storage nodes that share a similar business requirement, such as location.

Storage classes can be used to provide the following main benefits:

  • Data sovereignty (GDPR)
  • Cost savings
  • Business efficiency

See Cloud Storage Routing.

For details about specifying the storage class when defining a folder group in a virtual portal, see Managing Folder Groups and Adding, Editing, or Deleting a Folder Group.

New Storage Nodes

Cohesity SmartFiles (S3), Quantum ActiveScale (S3 and Zadara (S3) storage nodes are supported.

Amazon S3 Storage Node Support for a Private Endpoint

The Amazon S3 storage node supports a private endpoint. When creating an Amazon S3 storage node, the user interface to create the storage node no longer includes the s3.amazonaws.com endpoint, which is no longer supported.


Storage nodes defined using the s3.amazonaws.com global endpoint are offline until the endpoint is changed to a private endpoint.

CTERA Messaging Service

The CTERA Messaging Service enables sending notifications from the portal to various consumers, for example the Varonis Data Security Platform, which is a connector running on top of the CTERA Messaging Service.

Notifications are sent asynchronously in the background and are created in real-time from portal events.

See Managing the Messaging Service.

Varonis Service

The Varonis Data Security Platform secures data from unauthorized access and cyber-threats by locating where sensitive and regulated information lives across on-premises and cloud datastores – limiting access to data and analyzing activity for abnormal behavior or indications of compromise. The integration between CTERA and the Varonis Data Security Platform enables:

  • Central feed of file operations from all devices.
  • Scans global file system to map files and permissions and identify sensitive data.
  • Alerts on compliance violations.

See Integrating CTERA with Varonis Data Security Platform

Edge Filer Syslog Service

The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform powers a global file system connecting remote sites and users to your cloud without compromising security or performance. Each remote site includes logs to facilitate managing the site and CTERA Portal acts as a centralized hub to collect logs from all the edge filers and send these logs to one or more syslog servers.

See Managing the Edge Filer Syslog Service.

Enable the CTERA Portal Behind a Proxy Server

You can configure the CTERA Portal behind a Proxy Server. When configured, external connections go through the proxy server, such as storage nodes, and antivirus servers.

See Proxy Settings.

Administrator Role for Permanent Deletion of Content

A new role allows administrators to permanently delete end users files and folders.


The team administrator should be the adminstrator to permanently delete folders and files if required to comply with company, national, and international regulations, such as GDPR. The option is available for global administrators as a safeguard if for any reason the team administrator is unavailable and content requires to be permanently deleted.

See Customizing Administrator Roles.

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