XC600 and XC1200
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XC600 and XC1200

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To run the edge filer, you need the following software:

  • vSphere vCenter Server 6.7 with a build supported by HPE SimpliVity.
  • HPE Arbiter, which enables you to manage the gateway from a vCenter Server and preserves the health of the gateway. Install Arbiter on the vCenter Server where you want to deploy the gateway ESXi hosts or on a different Windows computer that the hosts can access.
  • To manage HPE SimpliVity virtual objects in vSphere Web Client (Flex) or Client (HTML5), you must install HPE SimpliVity Plug-in on the vCenter Server that you plan to access. This application plugs into the existing vSphere Web Client (Flex) and Client (HTML5) interface. You must also enter administrator credentials during the installation process to successfully register it.
    If you plan to use Enhanced Linked Mode, you must install the same version of HPE SimpliVity Plug-in on each server running vCenter Server to access the HPE SimpliVity options.

To install the Arbiter:

  1. Get the Arbiter software from CTERA support (support@ctera.com): simplivity-arbiter-n.n.n.n.msi, where n.n.n is the version number.
  2. Verify that the Windows server that on which the Arbiter will be installed meets the following requirements:
    • The Windows Server is Windows Server 2012 R2, or 2016 with 4CPUs and 16GB RAM.
    • The Windows Server includes .Net 4.7.1.
    • The Windows Server includes the latest Java runtime environment, JRE.
  3. Run simplivity-arbiter-n.n.n.n.msi, following the instructions in the installation.

To install the HPE SimpliVity Plug-in:

  1. Make sure you have available the vCenter administrator user name and password, and optionally an email address for this user.
  2. Log on to the Windows computer that has VMware vSphere with vCenter Server using administrator privileges and copy the HPESimpliVity-Plug-in-for-vSphere-Web-Client-windows-x.x.x.exe to this server, where n.n.n is the version number.
  3. Run HPESimpliVity-Plug-in-for-vSphere-Web-Client-windows-x.x.x.exe, where n.n.n is the version number.
    Leave Restart VMware "vsphere-ui" service (required to activate the Plug-in) option selected to automatically restart the service. Otherwise, you need to manually stop and start the service to activate the Plug-in.

To set up the edge filer:

  1. For ESXi management, connect an Ethernet cable to the leftmost 1GbE Ethernet port, next to the iLO port, at the back of the gateway.
  2. For the gateway storage, connect an Ethernet cable to the rightmost 10GbE Ethernet port, or fiber port, at the back of the gateway. The gateway is shipped with both copper and fiber connections.

    The back of the gateway models with both copper and fiber:

  3. Connect a monitor to the back of the gateway via the VGA port.
  4. Connect the gateway to power using a provided power supply cable in one of the AC power input sockets.
    The gateway automatically starts up. After the startup finishes, the ESXi server management IP address is displayed.
  5. Record the ESXi server management IP address for use to get the X Series Gateway IP address.
  6. Connect the other provided power supply cable to the AC power input socket of Power Supply 2, and connect the other end to the wall outlet to enable hot swapping power supplies.

After setting up the CTERA Edge Filer, you perform an initial configuration, described in First Time Setup.

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